What is the new BANG Energy Drink Flavor for Valentines?

So they are doing it again. If you go to the BANG ENERGY instagram you will notice they are teasing a brand new flavor. It looks like every 2-3 months BANG Energy will launch something new. This one is in a red can and has a valentines day theme. Here is what it looks like: 

BANG Energy New Flavor Delish Strawberry Kiss

Now lets do our thang and get in detective mode! 

Delish Strawberry Kiss New BANG ENERGY Flavor

Okay so this is a valentines day theme:

  • Candy 
  • Chocolates 
  • Strawberries 
  • flowers 

Then we already know the BANG Flavor Lineup...click HERE to see the top 10

I know BANG came out with Birthday Cake Bash but other than that "creamy" flavor, everything is more fruity. Even though that flavor has been successful, I think fruity is more successful. With that I will guess that they are not doing a chocolate BANG flavor

Honestly, I think this is a perfect time to introduce a strawberry flavor since they do not have one. They have plenty of candy flavors and with a strawberry flavor they will add more value to the BANG lineup. 

Then you have to keep in mind the genius of their CEO with naming their products. It will be something super creative that rolls off the tongue. I am thinking Strawberry Hearts or Strawberry Kisses but at the same time, Jack loves to make it rhyme or have the same first letter. 

We will be updating you with each and every clue that we get! 

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