Top 10 BANG Energy Flavors

What is the best tasting BANG Energy flavor? At this point, there are 1000 options and we get it, you don't want to make a mistake. We got you! I will give some of my opinions but this article will use Campus Protein's data to help you out


1. Rainbow Unicorn

2. Purple Guava Pear

3. Purple Haze

4. Black Cherry Vanilla

5. Cotton Candy

6. Peach Mango

7. Cherry Blade Lemonade

8. Sour Heads

9. Blue Razz

10. Pina Colada

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1. Frosè Rosè

2. Bangster Berry

3. Cotton Candy

4. Rainbow Unicorn

5. Black Cherry Vanilla

6. Champagne 

7. Blue Razz

8. Cherry Blade Lemonade

9. Purple Guava Pear

10. Star Blast

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My Opinion

I think the most refreshing BANG Energy Flavor is BANGSTER BERRY due to it being super light with a hint of the main berries (strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry). Then I think the second most refreshing flavor is PURPLE GUAVA PEAR and the numbers above prove that others agree. 
Best Tasting BANG Energy DrinkBest Tasting BANG ENERGY Flavors
I am going towards the Sour route for the strongest and I think the strongest flavor would be SOUR HEADS and it tastes amazing.
Best BANG Energy Flavors
The new FROSÈ ROSÈ and RAINBOW UNICORN are by far the most unique being that no one really knows the flavors. The only one I can kinda get close to is the FROSÈ being basically a watermelon Nerds grape flavor. 
Best Tasting BANG Energy Flavorbest BANG Energy Flavor


  • annistashia

    the rainbow unicorn in the best i dont know what you talking about

  • citrusun

    bang is truly one of the best energy drinks ngl. love all of the flavors except for miami cola, it is the WORST tasting thing i have ever drank omg. it’s like the cola gummies melted down but with like… bleach or smth it tastes awful bruh

  • lesterladkins

    they taste real good investment

  • BIlly jOel

    Gimme the loot gimme the looot

  • Laura

    I have found that Bang is very tasteful !!!! I haven’t tried all the flavors i cant find them

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