Learn About the New CP Community

Learn About the New CP Community

May 23, 2016

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My Warmup is Your Workout

August 12, 2014

You finally get to the gym. Your sanctuary. Your therapy. The highlight of your day.

It’s chest day, your favorite. You lay down on the bench and start crushing 135lbs on your way to the glory swole.


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But First…Lemme Take a Swelfie

August 08, 2014

There’s an epidemic going around.

Small children, teenagers, young adults, and even seniors have been infected. No one can control it. And I mean no one.

Cue the #selfie…Good, bad, or indifferent, we’ve all see them and most of us have even participated.


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10 Commandments of Being a Bro

June 16, 2014

One of the most sacred places in a young-bro’s life is his hometown gym. You’ve been gone since winter break and now have the opportunity to make a first impression. This is your time to shine! The cute girl at the front desk, you always ask for a towel because that’s the only thing you have the nuts to say. The super ripped Personal Trainer, the ‘Bro-seidon’ that everyone wants to look like…you even get a shot to impress the gym manager, hoping that you will get offered your summer dream job…Ah, the holy grail of weight lifting…nothing will ever compare to that hometown feel.


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May 30, 2013

Never compromise your principles…This concept will always shadow my health and fitnessphilosophy, thanks to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a chubby, out-of-shape politician who somehow is one of my biggest workout influences. Before I carryon, let me non-regretfully admit that I heard him say this while watching his interview with Oprah Winfrey by myself, like Steven Glansberg eating ice cream alone in Superbad.


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Self-Confidence Knocks Out Fear

May 22, 2013

Take a moment to guess what your body can achieve…YOU’RE WRONG, because you can do more. The first step is establishing whether or not you believe in yourself. Don’t expect me to spit out bullshit by saying you can do anything if you believe in yourself, because you can’t. Nobody can do everything, but if you’re self-confident, you’ll try more things and will be shocked as to how good you truly are.


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Chicken Legs

May 15, 2013

Chicken legs suck and don’t look good. That’s the moral of this post. Legs make up half of your body and are practically everything’s necessity. If you don’t work them, you’ll look disproportionate with a big upper body and tiny lower body.

WORKOUT YOUR LEGS TWICE A WEEK…OR IN A 7-DAY SPAN. Like any big risk, leg workouts produce the biggest rewards (that’s my cliché for the day). It’s an amazing feeling after getting


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Unconventional Mentality

April 17, 2013


Hi. My name is Jordan Greenberg, I am currently finishing up my second year at The John Marshall Law School, and I had a fat stage in my life.

From this before/after picture, there’s a fat, insecure guy on the left and a lean, more confident guy on the right, clearly capturing the extremes at both ends of the spectrum.


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Are You Spring Break Ready?

February 05, 2013

Hello people. So, in honor of the super bowl and the ridiculous amount of wings and beer you all consumed on that given Sunday, I am going to start my spring break diet/workout with y’all. It’s NEVER too early for beach season.

Now, this spring break segment is not going to be covered all in 1 shot. It’s a process. Each section will be written as you progress and keep up with my plan. It’s supposed to get harder and harder as the segments go on, so keep up, if you can.


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Mind over Food

January 29, 2013 1 Comment

So we all have those mid night munchies or urges to just pig out, well except for me because I have something called SELF-CONTROL!

Besides myself, excuse me, I think you all need to learn that it’s all a mind game. Your stomach always hears what your mind is thinking, so don’t even think about it.


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The Resolution AFTER New Years…

January 15, 2013

Well…… I’M BACK!

Hope you’ve missed my witty remarks and sarcasm.

In light of the New Year, I think it’s appropriate to address some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and some tips to help keep your fat asses motivated.


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Brauny Take 5: Zombiegeddon

November 13, 2012

I just want to start off with saying I hope everyone stayed safe these past weeks. My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone and anyone who was directly affected by Hurricane Sandy.

So I’m dedicating this week’s Brauny’s Take to New York/New Jersey and those in need during these trying times.


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Get Fit…Or Die Trying

September 10, 2012

Curvy, thunder-thighed, and hip-py. I’m a Hispanic girl with hips that don’t lie and ones that will never go away. I’ve never been one to have a “workout routine.” What is that word routine anyways? Does anybody really do the same exact thing everyday of their lives? Especially when they’re in college?


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Pushed Back but Never Knocked Down

August 27, 2012

My good friends and former roommates over at Campus Protein asked me if I’d help contribute to a guest blog for the company. And while I know next to nothing about blogging and would consider myself as knowledgeable about supplements as the average fraternal brothern, the company has had too large of an impact on me, my family and closest friends for me not to write a testimonial.


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The Beginning of Something Great

June 21, 2012

Our company, Campus Protein, didn’t start with the intentions of becoming a business, it was more something we stumbled into.

We created Campus Protein out of necessity. The quick story? Russell, the founder and CEO, was a sophomore at Indiana University in 2010.


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