VPx BANG Energy: Tea Flavors...Coming Soon

About a month ago, the owner of VPx announced that there was going to be a brand new version of BANG coming out. Right now, it comes in two carbonated versions: Caffeinated and Non-Caffeinated. On April 2nd, we were informed that the 3rd version of BANG Energy is non-carbonated Sweet Tea Flavors. They will be Georgia Peach Sweet Tea and Lemon Drop Sweet Tea. 

VPx changed it up with this edition by offering more per case so you do not have to reorder every 15 days...which we def don't care about.

With the Tea Flavors, they will be offered 24 cans per case vs. 12 cans. 

VPx BANG Tea will be launching April 23rd at 11 am 


Here are the first looks at the cans: 

VPx BANG Energy Tea Flavors Lemon Drop Sweet TeaVPx BANG Energy Tea Flavors Georgia Peach Sweet Tea

Here is the Nutritional Info: 

VPX BANG Energy Tea Flavor Supplement Facts 


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