NEW FUEL: It's ALL about the Flavors

Campus Protein is all about offering the best brands, with the best formulas at the best deals to offer a student on a budget the best value. We add our 8 warehouses across the country to speed up shipping and samples in every order for new product to take that experience to that next level. About 5 years, we took that experience to the next level and came out with our FUEL pre workout.

Campus Protein Fuel Pre Workout

(April 2013)

Why? Well, CP was the first retailer to ever talk and sell directly to the student, and we felt that we should offer them a product made JUST FOR THEM. Everyone else on the market was making supplements for the mass when we want to focus on the best, you guys.

We looked at every top formula out on the market, asked customers what they loved about the formula/product and used those notes to formulate FUEL. We ended up making a pre workout for both the beginner to intermediate lifter. The best part is that if you want it to be more intense, we formulated it so you can double scoop it if need be. We also knew the flavor had to be delish so you looked forward to taking it. The first flavor was Blue Razz and it was a huge success, however, is that college enough for CP?

That is when we introduced our famous Jungle Juice Flavor (alcohol not included) and it took FUEL to the next level. People were not only buying it for the amazing formula/workout experience, they just wanted to sip Jungle Juice.

Flavor is everything to us because we care about the FULL experience. From the moment you pour the scoop in your shaker bottle, to the flavor hitting your tongue, to the workout itself, everything matters.

We already know people LOVE the formula so now we get to hyper focus on making the flavors better and better with every NEW FUEL that comes out and on November 14th we have two new incredible flavors dropping!

Campus Protein New Fuel Pre Workout

These flavors did not take a few weeks to make, they did not take a few months, but in fact it took over 6 months. We had over 50 samples sent back and forth to CP HQ, flew to Chicago multiple times to flavor them in a lab all to get one thing….PERFECTION.

Fuel Pre Workout

The idea behind these flavors are staple bases with a unique twist and better than anyone else who has done it in the past!

By Campus Protein being picky and perfectionist, the customer wins and on  Wednesday November 14th, you will see why!

Next time you see another article on the New FUEL, it will be the flavor reveal so we can’t wait to see you soon!

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