Redcon1 Review: The Brand

Campus Protein is known to only carry the best brands with the best formulas and because of that, we only carry about 30 total brands on our site. Some of the most popular are BANG Energy, Cellucor, Sparta and so many more. We are constantly looking out for up and coming brands so that we can act fast, bring them on and offer them to our amazing customers...yes you. We are so extremely excited to bring to you our newest brand!

Coming to Campus Protein on January 21st is the super popular Redcon1 or RC1 for short. What is this brand, why are they great, what products do they carry, and should I get them will all be explained here and our many product reviews over the coming weeks.

Who is RedCon1? Well about 2 years ago, the supplement space was extremely boring and there were too many copycats doing the same thing. Enter Aaron Singerman who wanted to be different all while offering customers great products. You will hear and read this several time - RC1’s tagline is The Highest State of Readiness which is all about preparing yourself to be your best version and always be ready to be your best. Redcon1 wanted to build their brand around the most extreme customer. From the extreme bodybuilder to the elite military forces that protect our borders, being at your best and ready is vital. Just look at their package and you can see their clean sleek military theme. Then just read the labels: Total War, Breach, MRE, and so many more. All have the military theme.

When RedCon1 came out, they went directly to the customer offering them tremendous deals to launch the brand and build hype by creating demand. Fast forward 2018 to now and RC1 was one of the hottest brands and now coming to what are their awesome products all about?

One of the top performing pre workouts on the market with a fresh formula and even fresher flavors.
Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout
Redcon1 tells you to bring the NOISE on the front of their pre workout and they mean BIG NOISE, their pump product to increase blood flow and make you looked jacked in the gym.
Redcon1 Big Noise Pump Supplement
Protein Bars are all the same these days until RC1 decided to mix it up and offer a full real protein bar made from beef, fish, and chicken protein that tastes out of this world!
Redcon1 MRE Protein Bar
MRE or Meal Ready to Eat are Meal Replacement Proteins from real food sources and contain no whey protein making it more absorbable post workout and in meals. 
Redcon1 MRE Lite Protein
Redcon1 MRE Protein
Fat Burning pills are a thing of the past. They overwhelm a lot of people with their stimulants and don't have enough ingredients. That is why Redcon1 Double Tap Powder is fully customizable and has a tremendous formula.
Redcon1 Double Tap Powder
Trying to take your gains to the next level? Then it will take your insulin or the carbs you have in your diet. RPG by Redcon1 will convert carbs into muscle building soldiers building gains 1lbs at a time. 
Redcon1 RPG
The same formula as Total War Pre Workout with the on-the-go convenience of it coming in a bottle.
Testosterone boosting is the fastest whey to building hard lean muscle. Taking Halo by Redcon1 will increase testosterone and limit estrogen to maximize muscle building. 
Redcon1 Halo
Grunt is now not just the noise you hear hardos in the gym make. It is your EAA or Essential Amino Acid supplement for muscle recovery and protein synthesis.
Redcon1 Grunt EAA Amino Acid
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