VPx BANG Energy Keto Coffee

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It has been a month and we haven't heard of a new innovation from the genius Jack Owoc and the makers of VPx BANG Energy. Last month they delivered one of the most unique flavors in Rainbow Unicorn and we just got word of a brand new completely different version coming out this January.

If you like your coffee get ready! If you are on a low carb diet, get 2x as ready!

VPX Bang Keto Coffee

So we know by now that BANG Energy is the best tasting 0 calorie energy drink on the market. It comes in amazing flavors like Purple Guava Pear, Cherry Blade Lemonade, Sour Heads and so many more. We actually market it as a replacement to coffee, however, these two worlds just merged!!!

VPX BANG Keto Coffee

Introducing BANG Energy Keto Coffee which is sooooo much more than your average energy drink or coffee replacement. Just by looking at the name you know that this product is keto friendly meaning it has super low carbohydrates and less than a gram of sugar. This means it will not spike your blood sugar. On top of that, VPx added MCT oil which are super healthy fats absorbed by your body for energy. So they are done, right? NOPE - VPx also added 20g of high-quality whey protein to make this the ULTIMATE morning pick me up.

So you need this like yesterday, we get it and we agree. When does this glorious drink come out? It is looking like that “New Year, New Me” time (January).

Coming in three incredible flavors: 

Cookies and Cream Craze, Heavenly Hazelnut, and Mocha Madness

This is all we know for now but keep an eye out for more details soon!  

Check out the product page HERE

BANG Energy Coffee Flavored

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  • Dana

    I’m having hard time finding the bang coffee only selected gas stations have it but I can’t remember which one I purchased it from

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