New BANG Energy Flavor: Best One Yet?

About a month ago, we announced that the innovative Jack Owok (VPx CEO and BANG Creator) will be coming out with BANG Energy Keto Coffee and our minds almost exploded!! What if I told you there is also a NEW BANG Energy flavor coming out the same day or less than a week after Bang Energy Keto Coffee?

Bangster Berry BANG Energy DrinkBangster Berry BANG Energy VPx Sports

So what do we currently know about this New BANG Flavor? I am about to go FULL SHERLOCK HOLMES right now...So on October 23rd, Jack (click to follow him) showed off a new can coming soon.  Check it out below:

VPX Bangster Berry BANG Energy

You can see the "BA" in the title and the can is purple and white so I would strongly guess Berry, Passion Fruit, Plum or Grape. This is all coming off of Rainbow Unicorn which is one hell of a name to call a flavor. I am assuming this is going to be just as unique...and delicious. 

Then on November 12th, Jack Posted a Box for the new flavor called the BANGster Box. Could BANGSTER be the "BA" from the first post? Maybe but probably not. I am all theories here but I feel like I'm close. Check out the post here:

Bangster Berry VPx Sports BANG Energy

So my official guess would be Bangster Grape but it could be a berry flavor or even something completely different. At this point, I should just go through my Emoji's for other ideas. BANG is the best tasting 0 calorie energy drink on the market so whatever the flavor is, I want 10 cases. 

What do you think the flavor is? Post in comments below! 




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