What are Essential Amino Acids

Flashback three years ago...BCAAs are all the rage! They are the mecca of all supplements. BCAA are amino acids that are the broken down version of the nutrient protein we consume. Scientist figured that the broken down version amino acids of protein are just as effective as protein...and they were right. BCAAs aid in muscle recovery to build muscle and even burn fat in the process. They are ideal to take during your workout and throughout the day. Now in 2018, are they obsolete and did EAAs take their place?

Essential Amino Acids

Alright, before we go down that rabbit hole, just understand that EAAs are Essential Amino Acids and BCAAs are part of the EAA group. So with that understanding, BCAAs never lost their effectiveness, scientist are now claiming that the more Essential Amino Acids you consume, the better your body responds, thus recovering faster. This is that “the more the merrier” mentality.

essential amino acids

Essential Amino Acids are Amino Acids the body cannot produce, which means they need to come from our diet (or lack thereof if we are eating in dining halls). When the body does not have all its EAAs then it will experience dehydration, exhaustion, and lack of muscular energy. That's why you need your protein...and your EAAs.

So in 2018, you will notice any and every brand come out with an EAA product due to the scientific evidence that more EAAs are better and they are superior to BCAAs. I personally think BCAAs are great and if you use them right and consume more protein in your diet, you do not need a full EAA product. However, it is fairly obvious that EAAs will provide more benefit than just BCAAs, especially during your workouts.

Looking over all the EAA products Campus Protein carries, I would recommend any of them. The top ones that I love are Dymatize All9 Amino, Pro Supps Hydro BCAA, Sparta Spartan BCAA, but the most attractive one might be MAN ISO-EAA.

MAN ISO-EAA is the ultimate Essential Amino Acid product with both EAAs, BCAAs, and a full hydration complex making it the ultimate Gatorade replacement. This 30 serving EAA supplement packs 15g of active ingredients per scoop! That's compared to are 8g for the other EAA products. I am no Albert Einstein but that sounds about double the gains.

Essential Amino Acids

For all you skeptics out there that think BCAA are just fine, I am with you. I suggest you try what I will be doing this month. Take a month off from BCAAs and try an EAA product to see the difference. Keep your other supplements the same and see the difference. We will be our own scientist.


Check out MAN ISO-EAA Here: 

Man Sports ISO EAA

MAN Sports Iso Essential Amino Acids

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