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What Is It: Cellucor has Alpha Amino which is their gatorade amino product that helps keep you hydrated in the gym or while playing sports. It has a little of everything with the added bonus of hydration. In this formula they use a broad spectrum of aminos, both Essential (EAA) and Branch Chains (BCAA's). This is where Cellucor Beta BCAA differs, this is their intra specifically for building muscle, increasing protein synthesis, endurance and delivering a solid pumps. Its simple, high quality ingredients with great tasting options. 

Cellucor BETA BCAA Endurance BCAAs

Why Is This Stuff Great: What do you need to build muscle and have a solid pump in the gym? Add some BCAA's, throw in some Citrulline for the pump and then sprinkle beta-alanine for endurance. We keep saying it...its simple. The 5g of BCAA's is definitely the selling point of this product.

Real Science: Cellucor uses 5g of Branch Chain Amino Acids at the clinically proven 2:1:1 ratio. This will prevent muscle breakdown and serve as a energy source for your muscles. It will also increase protein synthesis for post workout. Then Cellucor adds a whopping 3g of Citrulline Malate for pump. Most pre workouts that dedicate their formulas for pumps don't have 3g of this expensive ingredient. Finally they add 1/2 of the clinical dose of beta-alanine for buffing lactic acid and increasing endurance. They left it at this amount to serve as useful and incase your pre workout already has beta-alanine in it. 

 Bro Science: This is a muscle building intra workout. It will work with your pre to keep your pump going through your whole workout. It will also work with your pre to keep your energy levels stable until the last set. 

The Good:  This product is a solid formula with high quality ingredients. At $29, its a very solid intra-workout option

The Bad: The formula is so simple you may mistake it for not being enough for a intra workout and go with the other products that have more "active" ingredients. 

The Rating: 7.7/10

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Cellucor Beta BCAA Supplement Facts

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  • Levi

    This product made me rather itchy but no other problems

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