What Is All 9 Amino by Dymatize?

I gotta be honest, all this talk about Amino Acids these days are getting quite confusing. Are BCAAs or Branch Chain Amino Acids the best or Essential Amino Acids? Last year it was all BCAAs and now the EAAs are taking over.

Recent Science came out proving that having all Essential Amino Acids plus BCAAs is the best formula for muscular recovery, hence this new product by Dymatize called All 9 Amino. Over the next 6 months, you will see brand after brand copy this strategy and come out with an EAA product.

In my opinion, a solid BCAA like MAN ISO-Amino for $20 is a phenomenal product but science is science and I say lets give this whole EAA thing a try.

Right off the bat, All 9 Amino has 10g of EAA and 7.2g of BCAAs….DAMN! This is serious help for your muscles and your body to replenish nutrients to make gains fast.

Dymatize All 9 Amino Acid Supplement

So how does it work? By consuming Essential Amino Acids along with Branch Chain Amino Acids, you are allowing the body to digest or synthesize protein more efficiently. This will lead to more nutrients for your muscles and a reduction of soreness. It is also proven that this will help the body focus on burning stored fat.

Too Lazy to read, here are the spark notes:

  • Contains All 9 Essential Amino Acids necessary for optimal Muscle Protein Synthesis

- 10g of Essential Amino Acids

- Industry leading: 7.2g of BCAA’s + 2.8g of Additional Essential Amino Acids = 10g of EAA’s

  • 7.2g of BCAA’s at a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine and Valine.

- 3.6g Leucine, 1.8g Isoleucine and 1.8g Valine

- Leucine is known to be the leading “trigger” for muscle protein synthesis

  • 2.8g of Additional Essential Amino Acids match the amino profile of Whey Protein

- Whey Protein is known to be the most effective protein profile to initiate muscle protein synthesis, support recovery and preserve muscle

  • 0g Sugar
  • No Dyes
  • Non - GMO
Dymatize All 9 Amino Flavors
Cola Lime Twist
Jolly Green Apple
 Fruit Fusion Rush
 Orange Cranberry
 Juicy Watermelon
Nutrition Facts
Dymatize All 9 Amino Supplement Facts

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