Honest Product Review: Spartan BCAA by Sparta

What Is It: According to the guys at Sparta Nutrition, Spartan BCAA is the industry’s first branch chain amino acid supplement that uses the Amino9™ Essential Amino Acid formula. What the heck does that even mean? Okay so recently, more studies have come out that BCAAs alone are not as effective as BCAAs plus Essential Amino Acids. This product saw the future and used science to make the best tasting Amino Acid supplement in the industry. Good work Doctor Brown!

Sparta Nutrition Spartan BCAA

Why This Stuff is Great:  By science alone, this may be the best Amino Acid Supplement out there. You get your BCAAs plus Essential Amino Acids in some pretty great flavors: Gum Drop, Lemon Drop, and Watermelon.

Sparta Nutrition Spartan BCAA

Bro Science: For the same price as other BCAAs, you get more Amino Acids in great flavors for more gains.

Real Science: By using Amino9™, Sparta Spartan BCAA will allow your body to build more muscle, speed up recovery, and burn fat.

The Good: That formula and those flavors!

The Bad: When you can get MAN Sports ISO-Amino for $20, its tough to spend a little more on an Amino supplement like Spartan BCAA.

The Formula:
Sparta Nutrition Spartan BCAA

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