Pro Supps Introduces Hyde Power Potion

This week Pro Supps introduced their competitor to the #1 Healthy Energy drink, VPx Bang. The Pro Supps version is called Hyde Power Potion and is unique for a few reasons. Starting off with value - they give you 16 cans per case vs. 12 saving you $.40 per can. Whether you are using this for pre-workout, pre-game, or anything in between, you can't beat those savings.  

Pro Supps Hyde Power Potion

What Is It: Pro Supps Hyde Potion is a massive energy packed in a can with a side of focus and muscle recovery. "In supplement terms," has 350mg of Caffeine per can plus Teacrine for focus along with BCAAs for muscle recovery. This must come at a sugary price...NOPE. Hyde Potion has zero sugar, carbs or artificial colors. 

Pro Supps Hyde Power Potion

What Is Teacrine®: This ingredient is a nootropic (focus ingredient) component of the Kucha leaf. On top of improving focus, it has shown in numerous clinical trials to boost mood, motivation, energy, and focus. Taking it up another notch, when you pair this powerful ingredient with Caffeine, it enhances the effects and longevity of these effects. You will stay energized longer and not get immune to caffeine. 

Pro Supps Hyde Power Potion

What Flavors: Hyde Power Potion comes in 3 flavors currently with 2 more in the very near pipeline. Right now you can get Island Punch (fruit punch), Purple Mist (grape), and Cherry Cola. In the next three weeks, Pro Supps will be releasing their Winter Blast and Pineapple Cooler flavor. 


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