What is the New Quest Hero Bar

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Every day there feels like a brand new protein bar to hit the market. The true OG of great protein bars will forever be The Quest Bar.

The Quest Bar is the ultimate high protein, low carb healthy snack. You can eat them all day and they taste amazing. Since Quest revolutionized the bar game, brands like Oh Yeah! MusclePharm and Pro Supps have entered the space and delivered great tasting bars. In fact, some may argue that the newer bars are better. What all of these bars have in common other than being super healthy is that they are "candy like" protein bars

"Candy Like" -> Chocolate or frosting coating on the outside and baked chewy goodness on the inside. I believe thats the scientific definition but I may be wrong 

What is the Quest Hero Bar

Now What is this BRAND NEW QUEST HERO BAR?!!!!!!

The Hero Bar by Quest is the candy version of their protein bar in some amazing looking flavors. They all have that frosted coating and delicious amazingness on the inside. The best part about these amazing snacks are the macros

17g of Protein + 4g of Fat + ONLY 4g Net Carbs (28g with Fiber & Allulose)


The protein is great, the low fat is another great aspect, but the real great part is the net carbs. Net Carbs just means what carbs your body digests and uses. The other carbs will go to waste and the body will never store them...aka not get fat! The way Quest is able to do this is by using Corn Starch as their fiber along with Allulose, an artificial sweetener. Allulose is labeled as a sugar so you can see it on the nutritional label under sugar but there is no added sugar to the bar. The net carbs on these bars are 4g because you do not count the Allulose or the fiber. For those who don't want to do their research on this ingredient, just watch this short video: 


The Quest Hero Protein Bar comes in Chocolate Caramel Pecan (yummmmmmm), Blueberry Cobbler (omg yes), and Vanilla Caramel (ahhhhhh I need them all).

Yes, we cant wait either


We had the same reaction too. The bar is set to come out May 22nd

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  • Charles gayton

    Its delicious :-) can’t wait to buy some

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