Learn About the New CP Community

The Campus Protein Community is a place for people to come and discuss the latest trends in the fitness industry or to simply find a solution to their question. This interactive website allows for you to create a profile and keep track of the number of posts, followers, and profile views you have gathered.

Learn the Basics:

You can choose from a wide variety of categories to find a more specific topic that you are interested in finding out about. 
Once you have chosen a category you are able create a new topic or answer previous topics already existing.

Awesome Features-


When choosing the "Music" category, you are able to listen to Soundcloud mixes, YouTube videos and songs embedded into the posts. 


No need to search for a product after talking about! When discussing a supplement or product you can "#" the product to include the image and link to buying in your post.


Just like your reputation in school, CP ranks your reputation in the online community. The reputation is based off of the number of "likes" you have received on your posts.

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