But First…Lemme Take a Swelfie

There’s an epidemic going around.

Small children, teenagers, young adults, and even seniors have been infected. No one can control it. And I mean no one.

Cue the #selfie…Good, bad, or indifferent, we’ve all see them and most of us have even participated.

The ‘selfie’ started as an innocent self-portrait displayed on social media platforms. No one thought twice of it. Just got a new shirt- boom- check it out Twitter! New supps came in from Campus Protein- line ’em up- snap a thumbs up with the order…Post everything! Everyone is excited to see the new intricacies of your life!

Insert mainstream media…

The phrase ‘selfie’ starts blowing up, news channels airing segments on the hazards of taking selfies, meme’s start taking over social media, and the Chainsmokers took it even further next level with that ever so catchy song entitled  “Selfie” (If you haven’t see it, check out their performance on American Idol).

Houston, we’ve hit rock bottom…

Listen, I’m not here to completely rag on them…I think selfies are fine and when used correctly, can be inspirational and beneficial. Sorry, Correction #Selfies


As a kid, when Friday came, I stared down the minutes until school let out. As an adult, I have an alarm that goes off every Thursday reminding me that it’s almost Friday…for most gym rats, every Friday is a celebrated holiday…


It’s a beautiful day on social media. A free pass to post the most vascular, cut, abdominal popping, toned look you can achieve post-workout. My Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook turn in to streams of half-naked individuals flexing their brains out.

It’s beautiful.

In college, one of the first things discussed in my Freshman Seminar class was how to set proper goals. What really stood out about goal-setting was that if you make your goals public, more times than not, you are more apt to complete them. Simple, yet very effective.

People who don’t spend the hours in the weight room, meal prep on Sunday’s, and count the macros throughout the week fill your comments with hate and talk shit to their friends. Screw ’em.  If you got it, flaunt it…You are making your goals public! Maybe the haters should take a page out of your book and post a #flexfriday for motivation to change!

Change is always for the better.

Allow me to introduce #TransformationTuesday….the quirky, less sexy, yet wildly more inspiring younger brother of #FlexFriday.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s transformation…every Tuesday…for the existence of my Instagram account. Rumor has it…#TransformationTuesday is on a conquest to take over the world…and your Facebook news feed.

When I enrolled at college, I found myself head over heals in love with the ice cream machine. 2 cones and a custom made sundae at dinner. Every day. For two semesters.

You don’t have to be a math major to see what this formula adds up to.

Needless to say…I participate in #TransformationTuesday on a regular basis! Does that make me a #selfie king? Maybe…I’m sure in some peoples eyes the answer to that question is ‘yes’…The first time I loaded my before picture in to my cue I had to look at it for a few minutes before clicking send. It’s not that easy putting yourself out there. I’m a Strength Coach- what it my clients judge me? What it people think that I can’t “practice what I preach”.

We always will have the little voices in our head telling us not to do something. I told my to shut up and posted the most horrifying picture I have of myself.

People loved it. And you know what.

I loved it.

Inspiring people to achieve their goals is the reason I became involved in fitness. If #TransformationTuesday or #FlexFriday helps people get off the coach and achieve a better version of themselves. I’m game.

If you have ever gone through the process of changing your body…building muscle, losing fat, or physical changes, whatever they may be…then you are well aware of the variety of challenges you face. Share your story. You never know who you may connect with your story and become inspired!

Nothing egotistical comes from the thought “Oh hey, let me post this awful picture where I’m half in the bag and 55 pounds overweight.” as they post this vulnerable picture.

That one friend…

 That guy (or girl) who posts the pictures with the over-the-top flexing, pushes their shorts down a little too far, and shows a little bit too much quad for your comfort level.

Yes, I have them, as I am sure you do too.

Honestly, these are what I would classify as a ‘selfie’. And while we are being honest- I think these are perfectly acceptable. We always want to idolize what we want to be!

Bodybuilding as a culture, has made this acceptable. We judge people in bikinis, speedos, and board shorts based on how shredded, symmetrical, and amazing they look when they flex. It is only fitting we post pictures that meet our desires!

#Selfie, #FlexFriday, #TransformationTuesday… We can give pictures all the titles we want.

The bottom line is, a picture is worth a thousand words. Not one title.

Explore your news feed with an open mind. Don’t pass judgment on what you see first see…take the time to admire and appreciate others hard work. Who knows…maybe the next picture will inspire you to make your next positive change!




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