Honest Product Review: VPx Meltdown


What Is It: VPx Meltdown Keto is the first ever ketogenic energy drink to promote weight loss on a low carb diet. In this 12oz. can, you will get enough caffeine and teacrine for extremely focused energy on top of the most important ingredient, Exogenous ketones. This product comes from the makers of our best selling Energy Drink, VPx BANG. 

Crash course on the ketogenic diet (for people who don't care about science): The ketogenic diet is when you consume very VERY few carbs (less than 30g a day) and replace them with fat in your diet. This makes fat the primary source of energy and forces the body to burn stored fat for fuel. Scientifically, the ketogenic diet is the most efficient diet for losing weight. 


Why This Stuff is Great: When you are on a low carb or ketogenic diet, the hardest two aspects of those diets are your energy/mood levels all while keeping the body in a ketogenic fat burning state.

The energy is self-explanatory because it takes the body a long time to get used to using fat as its main energy source vs. carbohydrates. This is where the caffeine and teacrine in the VPx Meltdown come into play! 

The real reason why this drink is great: Jack Owoc, the CEO and founder of VPx is all about science and that's why his formulas are second to none. In Meltdown Keto, he put in 7.5g of BHB salts or supplemental ketones to help the body burn fat for fuel. 


Real Science: You can skip this section and go straight to the bottom if you are already sold on this product and want it yesterday.

Starting off with caffeine and teacrine, these two ingredients work side by side to increase energy/focus without allowing the body to build tolerance. 

Now the BHB Salts...first, what an exogenic ketone is - An Exogenous ketone supplement provide users with an instant supply of ketones. Even if you're not in a state of ketosis before ingestion (such as when eating a higher-carb diet). ... And the body efficiently converts BHB to acetoacetic acid, which effectively raises blood ketone levels. So in this formula, when you consume the 7.5g of BHB Salts or Exogenous ketones, you are essentially putting your body into ketosis. Each can of Meltdown you drink while being low on carbohydrates makes you burn fat. 

Bro Science:  This is a weight loss energy drink, just skip the bread and burn the fat. 

The Good: The formula is perfect for anyone looking to speed up the fat loss process and in need of energy. 

The Bad:  This is a VERY specific product for people only on low carb diets. If this product is not right for you, try VPx BANG! 

My Personal Experience: I have been utilizing the keto diet for the past three months and when we received Keto Meltdown, I was so pumped! I personally do not take BANG because it has too much caffeine and I cannot digest creatine. I have been trying Meltdown Keto every morning as my replacement for coffee while I eat my eggs. The taste is pretty good, with the only negative being its salty aftertaste. This makes sense to me because the active ingredients are BHB salts. Regardless, the Citrus Twist tastes like Sprite™ and I can sip it all day. In terms of effects, I cannot speak to the long-term weight loss but short term I love it! The caffeine and teacrine along with the ketone energy gives me that Adderall feel while I am working. Even as I type these letters, I feel so dialed in and love it! I have 3 cases of this stuff and I cannot wait to see how much it helps with the summer cut. 

The Rating: 8.6/10 

Check Out the Supplement Facts Here: 

>VPx Meltdown Keto Energy Drink




  • Scott Gamsey

    I started using the keto meltdown mango about 2 months ago I was in GNC and explain to him about a little bit of weight that I wanted to use and they recommended a low-carb diet and then meltdown I started using it I felt extremely energetic my mind was clear there was no after effect when I came down from the caffeine I would recommend this to all my friends great product guys

  • Philip Fletcher

    I used a few of the different VPX products thru out the years. Don’t see the value of having so much caffeine in this product, the Theacrine does well enough without it. If they wanted to add extra energy they could have used a number of other low cost supplements. I think to many users feel the need to have caffeine, I don’t. Still a decent product, just needs an improvement on the source of energy or just remove the extra caffeine altogether.

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