What are Keto Supplements?

In the world of fitness, there are some things that hold true across all beliefs. We all love to burn fat… whether it’s for energy, or to look good naked. Burning fat is different for everyone; you can be good at it, you can be genetically gifted, or you could be one of those people that finds it difficult. In recent years, a technique called "fasted training" has become very popular due to its effectiveness in burning fat.

Ketogenic Diet

People of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds have seen drastic results when using "fasted training" for burning fat and building lean muscle. The hypothesis for this training style is that when you train on an empty stomach, your body will dive into stored fat for energy throughout your workout for energy. Additionally, the body will also have a more intense nutrient uptake when you have your post workout shake/meal. This allows you to burn more fat and build more muscle simultaneously.

Keto Diet  

Trying to burn even more fat? Some use ketogenic dieting to amplify the fat burning process so that they see results faster. Ketogenic dieting involves the person eating VERY low amounts of carbohydrates in their diet. When you are low in carbs, your body goes into a state called ketosis. The official definition of a ketone is an organic compound that your body produces due to the diet being low in carbs and limited and fats. Ketones become the primary fuel source for the body at that point, your body is feeding on stored fat. This results in your body leaning out and staying energized despite a low carbohydrate intake.

What is the Keto Diet

When ketogenic dieting started becoming popular, companies began to develop a supplement ingredient known as exogenous ketones, which act in a similar way to those produced in the body. So what is the difference between Ketones and Exogenous Ketones? I am glad you asked... The word exogenous means “outside the body,” referring to the ketones that your body does not produce on its own.

Your body will still be able to produce its own ketones, but will also be able to use the supplemental ones for the same function. This is like supplementing with creatine since your body does synthesize it (but not in large quantities).There are three major Ketones produced by the body: Acetoacetate, Acetone, and 3-beta hydroxybutyrate (3HB). The supplemental exogenous ketone is usually beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB). This provides the body with instant access to ketones when fasted versus waiting for the body to create them. Taking Exogenous Ketones allows your body to do several things: It allows for maintenance of ketosis for those who seek to be in ketosis and also train fasted. It also allows one to get into a ketogenic state faster which will result in more fat burned. It has been shown to reduce the chances of cancer and other neurological diseases. For athletes, it improves performance on a couple of different fronts.

Let’s take a look at some studies. Dr. Dominic D’Agostino proposed that Navy SEALs who use oxygen respirators while training underwater could benefit from exogenous ketones while underwater. Dr. D’Agostino discovered that exogenous ketones can maintain the brain’s metabolic integrity, which in turn can prevent the formation of free radicals. Another study by Dr. Peter Attia discovered that exogenous ketones can actually improve output and stamina for prolonged athletic activity. The advantage of exogenous ketones was further displayed at the Tour De France, when rumors of leading riders using the supplement form of Ketones them raised concerns over fairness for those who weren’t.

When you think of energy in supplements, the first ingredient that comes to mind, is caffeine. Caffeine works by making you feel more awake all while stimulating your heart rate. Exogenous ketones are different in that they don’t raise the heart rate but will still allow you to feel like you can run 6 marathons, all while burning more fat. So you are probably asking, "why don't all supplements or pre workouts have Exogenous Ketones?" This is because this is a novel ingredient that is still before its time. As low carb diets continue to gain popularity, you will see more people talking about the use of ketones when dieting. The same thing goes for all the athletes using fasted training as their main strategy to working out.

Ketogenic Diet Article

I hope this blog does a good job promoting the use of supplemental ketones and increases both their popularity and demand. Keep an eye out there and you will see that the use of exogenous ketones is not going away...it’s just getting started!

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