VPX Meltdown. What Is It?

Quick question, what is the best selling product in the supp game right now?


What is that? Vpx BANG is a 0 calorie energy drink that delivers BCAAs, Creatine, and CoQ10 for overall health. Now the brand that brought us this legendary energy drink is delivering a fat burning version of this drink called MELTDOWN.

So MELTDOWN is actually more specifically a Keto Weight Loss Supplement Energy Drink which we will explain soon. Like Very soon.

The Ketogenic diet works around limiting carbohydrate intake so your body goes into ketosis which makes it produce ketones. Ketones allow your body to burn stored fat for fuel which will help you lose weight fast. Simply, if you stay under 50g of carbs a day, you will be doing the keto diet. This means you have to replace your carb macro with fat and that will be your main source of energy.

So how does MELTDOWN play into the ketogenic supplement? I will tell you right now.

MELTDOWN uses 7.5 grams of BHB Ketones to kick start ketosis for your body. This means it will trigger your body into a fat burning machine. It will also serve as brain fuel so if you are studying or at work, it will increase focus and memory stores as well.

On top of the fat burning ingredients in this formula, VPx also included electrolytes for hydration as well as caffeine and teacrine for a better cognitive output. Simply put, these ingredients will keep you awake and focused.

Who is this product for?

Anyone on a low carb diet that drinks energy drinks.

Who is this not for?

Anyone that has a carb heavy diet - you should be drinking their BANG.

VPX Bang Energy Drink

MELTDOWN comes in three delicious flavors: Grape Blade Lemonade, Peach Mango, and Citrus Twist

VPx Meltdown Keto Energy Drink

About the Author: I have been in the fitness industry for close to 10 years mastering and understanding supplements. What began as an obsession turned into a full-time life fulfilling job helping people LOOK BETTER NAKED. I find myself focusing strictly on how particular ingredients create a cause and effect relationship in the body through supplementation. Ever since his passion was born for fitness and supplements, it has been his desire to educate and spread his knowledge. If you have any questions, please comment below. 

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