Honest Product Review: BANG ENERGY Birthday Cake Bash

What Is It:  So if you did not hear already or see the million articles we posted about this, BANG Energy is coming out with a brand new never been done before flavor. When you think of energy drinks or pre-workout, you think fruity or refreshing. You DO NOT think cake or dairy or anything similar to that. Sooooooo how do they come out with a Birthday Cake Bash...then make it taste perfect for a refreshing energy drink? They are sorcerers obviously.

BANG Energy Birthday cake Bash

Why This Stuff is Great: In a world of so many copy cats, you can only have so many cotton candies, watermelon or peaches before getting sick of them. BANG has the best flavors but starting early this year, they are coming up with the most creative flavors. Introducing a flavor that is unique and fun...Have your cake and eat it too! 

Bro Science: Think of a cake full of flavor in your mouth...and it actually is refreshing.

Real Science: BANG is pretty much the strongest and best Energy Drink on the market. It also has BCAAs added for muscle recovery, CoQ10 for heart health and then a small amount of creatine to benefit the body.

The Good: Its BANG so all 16oz is amazing.

The Bad: It is a BDAY cake flavor that is delish but might not be up everyone's alley. 

BANG Birthday Cake Bash VPX

The Rating: 9.2/10


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