Cellucor S'mores Layered Protein Cake



  • 50g Complete Pancake Mix (Extra Fluffy)
  • 1 Scoop Cor Performance Whey S’mores Flavor (34g)
  • Dash Baking Powder (3g)
  • Dash Splenda (3g)
  • 8g SF/FF Pudding Mix
  • Dash Salt


  • 1 Whole Egg
  • 3 TBSP Greek Yogurt (50g)
  • Dash Almond Milk (15g)


  • 1 Crushed Graham Cracker
  • 50g Greek Yogurt + 20g Marshmallow Fluff
  • 1 TBSP Chocolate Syrup (10g)


1. Combine All Dry Ingredients into a mixing bowl (Whey, Salt, SF/FF Pudding Mix, Splenda, Baking Powder, and Pancake Mix) and set aside.

2. Crack Egg into mixture, add greek yogurt, and add dash of almond milk. Mix with a spoon or a whisk until batter is formed.

3. Take a 3-4 Cup Circular Tupperware container and coat with cooking spray, transfer batter, and microwave for 3-3.5 minutes on a medium power (prevents overcooking of final product)

4. Mix Greek ygorut + Marshmallow fluff in a small dish and set aside (as a layering for final product), crush graham cracker into pieces for decoration on top of the cake (set aside), and have chocolate syrup out for drizzle.

5. Once Cake is complete, cut into thirds, and layer with the marshmallow Greek yogurt filling. Stack Cake after layered and top with crushed graham cracker and drizzle chocolate syrup to complete S’mores Cake

6. Enjoy!

For Entire Cake + Toppings:
Calories ~ 590
Protein ~ 45g
Carbs ~ 80g
Fat ~ 10g

Recipe by: @Bkupniewski

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