FitJoy Protein Bars


What is FitJoy?

  • FitJoy Protein Bars are packed with 20g of protein and fiber in every bar. The bars are gluten-free that include no genetically modified ingredients. The flavors include: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Minty Chocolate Chip Crisp, Frosted Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Iced Brownie, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Almond. 

The Story

  • "The FitJoy line began as a passion project of our company’s CEO after having been diagnosed with Celiac disease and a severe sensitivity to artificial sweeteners. Living now as a Celiac, he encountered the unfortunate truth that the protein snacks and beverages which were a critical part of his active lifestyle mostly contained gluten and were almost always made with artificial sweeteners. Inspired to overcome this reality, we began the journey to create a gourmet line of healthy offerings that spoke to the foodie in him, yet were fully liberated from the ingredients that caused him and millions of others to compromise between great taste and "good for you". The process tested our patience and resolve, but we finally knew we had something very special, and it was time to share it with the world. FitJoy.™ Freedom to Enjoy.™" - FitJoy Nutrition


  • NO GMO’s
  • NO Gluten
  • NO Artificial Colors
  • NO Artificial Flavors
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners
  • NO Artificial Preservatives
Calories: 220-230
Protein: 20g
Carbs: 23-25g (10-13g fiber)
Fats: 7-8g


"I tried the chocolate chip cookie, frosted cinnamon roll, brownie, and chocolate peanut butter and let me tell you what if all these didnt immediately make me want ten more OF EACH in my mouth I'd be lying. HIGLY RECOMMEND!!"-- Dylan

"It had a bottom layer of pb and top layer of chocolate with peanuts on top. It was super soft and chewy but in a good way. It did NOT taste chalky at all and it was really good. The peanuts on top added a whole new level of awesomeness! :) Looking forward to trying out the rest of the flavors."-- Lauren

"LOVED the iced brownie. I am a die hard Quest bar fan, and these are SO much better. The texture is perfect and there's no chalky feel/aftertaste. The softness is exceptional. Mint Chocolate Crisp is a close second!"--Katie

   "Love the taste of them, frosted Cinnamon bun is my favorite so far! I don't get that fake after taste either that many of the bars today make people feel"--Andrew

"The frosted common bar is ahhhhhmazing! Very soft, brownie like, the "icing" on top makes it look and taste like a cinnamon roll and the pecans on top add a wonderful texture! Highly recommend"--Lauren

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  • Christopher Macht

    These bars are delicious with quality ingredients all around. I can’t wait for them to hit stores1

  • Harley

    These are by far the best bars i have ever had. They are so soft and fresh. There is not one flavor i didnt like. One of a kind type of bars!

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