Coming Soon: Pink 3D Energy Drink

When you think of the top energy drinks on the market, you will first think of BANG Energy and now Celsius, Raze, and Merica Energy. However, over the past year or so, the brand started by Christian Guzman has become a top player with 3D Energy. They came out with White, yes white (white monster) and killed it. Then each and every flavor got better with the latest release being Red White and Blue.

3D Energy Drink Pink Cotton Candy

We just found out there is a new flavor energy drink coming in October! Yes the month of Halloween, but more importantly, Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Why is that relevant? Great question - it is relevant because 3D Energy announced that they will be donating a portion of every can sold to the Breast Cancer Foundation. PRETTY HECKING COOL 3D! 

But what is this flavor...I am sure you can guess the color: PINK

3D Energy Pink Cotton Candy Breast Cancer

With each reveal, comes another question - what the heck flavor is Pink? Strawberry? Watermelon? Starburst? Cotton Candy? 

There are so many possibilities, but we found out that Pink = Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Pink 3D Energy Drink

Coming Soon 

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