Honest Product Review: Merica Energy

What Is It: Amuricaaaaaa in an energy drink! This is the Red, White, and BOOM of energy drinks. Branded with the stars and stripes and tastes like freedom....

Who the heck knows what any of this means?

Merica Energy Drink Red White and Boom

Why This Stuff is Great: Red, White and BOOM is an amazing energy drink has 0g of Sugar, 0 calories (drink as much as you can handle), and has no artificial colors or dyes. Then they also added just 200mg of caffeine vs the insanity of its competition doing 300mg. 

Merica Energy Red White and Boom

Bro Science:  This is a great tasting energy drink with some dope branding. 

Real Science: Merica Energy uses 200mg of caffeine and guarana to boost energy while having some carnitine for natural energy and incredible flavors. 

The Good: The flavors are the best selling aspect of this product. They legit are so refreshing. Plus the branding is hilarious.

Merica Energy Drink

The Bad: There is nothing "bad" when you are supporting America...but if we had to pick something, it doesn't have as much caffeine as BANG.

The Rating:  1776/10 bc Amurica


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The Formula:

Merica Energy Drinks

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