What is 3D Energy Drinks?


So what is this 3D Energy that everyone keeps raving? Who is this Christian Guzman? I need to know these things before I try this Energy Drink. What if we told you it tastes great and has a super simple formula and the can looks dope. That's honestly all you need to know but don’t you worry, we can explain the history and what makes this product so great.

First off, let's look at the actual 3D Energy Product. This can is just an energy drink with 200mg of caffeine and really nothing else. They taste great but do not have your BCAAs, Creatine, or any form of supplement. All they want to do is give you energy and taste freaking phenomenal. This is your closest thing to the energy drinks you find in the gas station.

Now let's talk about the company history and who this Christian Guzman is. Right off the bat, he's the man who has taken the fitness industry by storm, one YouTube video at a time. Also, he's one heck of a businessman starting Alphalete and the company Up Energy. Wait, this article is about 3D Energy...can you please let me get to the point where he got sued for the name and had to switch it to 3D? Actually, that is exactly what happened and now we have some dope 3D matte cans and a brand new company name.

3D Energy or Up Energy started direct to consumer on their site and then quickly got picked up by 7-Eleven. With each and every month, 3D Energy got more popular. I mean they really taste great so we expected it. Now, 3D is offering their products on certain websites like Campus Protein. We are just excited to launch this product and hope you try/fall in love with it.

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Check out the formula here:

3D Energy Drinks


  • James Polk

    Monster copycat. Next!

  • jaime

    I want to try them but would like to know the flavor

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