Fit Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Dads can be a little difficult to shop for, so why not give the gift of gains! Whether your father rocks the dad bod or is more swole than you, he will be bound to love any of these gifts!

1) New running shoes- Who doesn’t love a pair of new kicks!? Your dad will get a boost of confidence and a new look with these new sneakers coming his way.

2) Personal training session- Not all dads know what they are doing when they step into the weight room. Give our dad a personal training session that will leave him feeling motivated and more knowledgeable than before!

3) Watch- There is no greater feeling than reaching your goals. Help your dad see and track his goals with a fitbit. He will be able to track the amount of steps taken and calories burned throughout the day. You can also give the golf loving dad a tomtom watch that allows him to track his score, yardage and data.

4) Foam Roller- Help your dad avoid the aches and pains after his workout with a little foam rolling action. Get him this unique foam roller that will relieve muscle tensions where he needs!

5) Supplements- Why not give your dad some straight gains! He will love to receive supplements that will further his fitness journey. Protein comes in multiple flavors, so you are bound to find the perfect one he loves!

6) Gym Clothes- While your dad may rock the suit during the day, he could always use some style during the gym. Dress well, lift well!

7) Meat Monogramer- As your grill-master dad cooks up his steak and burgers he will be able to mark his territory on his master pieces with this grilling personalizer

8) Personalized Golf Balls- While it can be a little cheesy, your dad will love some personalized messages written on his golf balls to motivate him during a game.

9) Gym Membership- For the dads that haven’t stepped in the gym since college, the gift of a gym membership will be a great motivator to get back in the game.

10) Protein Snacks- What dad doesn’t like to snack during the day! Give your dad some munchie snacks that will satisfy his sweet tooth without ruining his gains.

11) Earbuds- A pair of JAYBIRD wireless headphones will help your dad get in the zone and rock to the beat. These micro-sized, sweat proof wireless headphones will ensure an amazing music experience without getting tangled up during a workout.

12) Shaker bottle- Give your dad one of these unique shakers that he can take with him on the go. For the busy or lazy dads that don’t have time to create a protein shake in the blender, using one of these shaker bottles will make an easy and delicious shake!

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