The Ultimate Fitness Gift Guide

Looking for some supplements to slide under the tree this year? We have the best ideas for your fitness loving freak!

1) Oh Yeah! ONE bars

With flavors such as birthday cake, lemon cake, almond bliss and mint, who would't want the gift of a dessert tasting protein bar! With clean ingredients and 20 grams of protein this is the perfect snack for someone with a big sweet tooth!


Who wouldn't love a sleek and stylish bag to take with you to the gym or on a weekend getaway! This Under Armour Storm technology delivers an element-battling and highly water-resistant finish. This bag makes it easy to carry your everyday belongings with its many pockets and spacious interior! 

3) Blender Bottle

Mixing drinks on the go just got easier with these blender bottles! For individual servings,  BlenderBottle spares the mess and hassle, making it easy to mix smooth, lump-free drinks for supplementing any workout routine.

4) Buff Bake Nut Butter

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Using a premium, hormone-free whey protein, this almond spread is packed with 11g of protein per serving – so you can indulge in that cake craving while still getting added nutrients. 

5) PEScience Select Protein

Give the gift of gains with this delicious tasting protein powder! From protein pancakes to shakes, the baking possibilities are endless with this powder. PES uses a whey and casein blend from milk isolate protein and WP-80 to fuel the best post workout possible.

6) Bullet Sports Medicine Roller

Know someone who is a little tense and needs to get the knots out? This foam roller is the perfect gift for them! The firm, raised knobs provide a deeper, stronger base for self-myofascial release. Ideal for deep knots and muscle tension, the pressure helps to release “trigger points” so you can reduce pain, stretch deeper, and increase range of motion. 

7) iSatori Lip-Drex

For a person looking to shed some pounds and tone up...this supplement is for them! Lipo-Drex is revolutionary Fat Burner + Nutrition Partitioner. Your body will drive these nutrients into the muscle for rebuilding and increase energy levels.

8) UA Locker Tee Longsleeve

As the weather gets colder, this Under Armour long sleeve is the perfect shirt to wear outside or warm up in the gym with. UA Tech fabric is quick-drying, ultra-soft & has a more natural feel.


Did you know the number one reason college students don't go to the gym is because a lack of energy? Well, we dont know if that's actually true but it makes sense right? Thats why FUEL was designed to have just the right amount of energy. Enough to get you going and without the crash. Packing 180mg of caffeine, plus a patented form of Beta-Alanine to be more effective. FUEL UP

10) Iso-Amino Coffee Creamer Bliss

This Iso-Amino coffee creamer is perfect for that coffee loving gym rat! It is loaded with 5 grams of healthy BCAA’s to help rebuild and enhance muscle growth. All flavors of ISO-AMINO Coffee Creamer Bliss are non-dairy, gluten-free, no added sugar & calorie-free.

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