Why Does My Body Ache After Drinking?

A single night out with the girls or guys can do a lot more damage to your body than just a headache the next morning. In just ONE night of drinking, you can cause bacteria to leak from your stomach and harmful toxins to enter your bloodstream! AHHHH, scary I know but the truth is the truth and we are here to help alleviate this harm. 

preventing hangovers


Excessive amounts of alcohol can cause dehydration to your body in a number of ways. Alcohol decreases the bodies ability to produce anti-diuretic hormones, which is used by the body to reabsorb water. With the lack of anti-diuretic hormone, your body loses more fluids through urination (which is why you constantly have to pee!). OMG - that makes so much sense!

Drinking too much can also cause an imbalance of cells that can lead to cramps and muscle pulls. It is possible to lose muscle mass from the consumption of alcohol, resulting in a lack of strength and performance.

Prevention: Try to drink as much water possible before and in between alcoholic beverages before you go to bed that night. 

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Kaged Muscle HydraCharge


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Which are the best and worst drinks in relation to hangovers? Check this image out right here: 


Best and Worst drinks for hangovers

Gastrointestinal Disturbance

Alcohol causes the stomach and intestines to become inflamed, delaying the stomach of emptying. High levels of alcohol can result in the production of fatty liver and gastric acids. These factors are the cause of abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting during a hangover. 

Why does my stomach hurt after drinking

Nutrition Deficiencies 

Drinking can affect the bodies ability to absorb vitamins and miners, leading to a deficient in nutrients. This may interfere with your body ability to control blood glucose, resulting in low blood sugar. Low blood sugar causes a lack of energy in peoples everyday lives. This is why eating before your night out is important. NO, drunk munchies do not count. I mean, when has anyone ever had a nutritional meal at 2am?

The best we can recommend in regards to vitamins and health would be.....drum roll....a vitamin for health.

Check out our Multi-Vitamins and pick the right one for you and pop one serving in with your dinner before going out and let them cover you all the way into the morning. 

Check out Optimum Opti-Men or Opti-Woman for your best bang for your buck:

how to cure a hangover

Want a quick cheat sheet, spark notes on how to avoid the devil that is called a "hangover," check this image out and save it:


How to get rid of hangovers

Lactic Acid

Alcohol can play a role in interfering with the breakdown of lactic acid. This causes your muscles to increase in soreness after physical activity Alcohol damages amino acids in your body that are needed for energy. The interference of amino cause a decrease in energy and muscle recovery that your body needs. 


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