What Is CP Next Product?

When you come to CP, you can expect some constants. Incredible service, the best prices and of course the best products. Campus Protein sells the best brands in the industry. They also carry and make FUEL Pre Workout. What is this you may ask? Well, first of all, you should know this because its the best tasting pre on the market. But we forgive you and FUEL was a pre-workout CP designed in 2013 and have made a top-selling product on our site. Now, Campus Protein is teasing its next product. It doesn't look like a pre-workout but in fact, it looks like a liquid. What can it be?

Before we get into it, just always keep in mind that when Campus Protein makes a supplement, they think of the entire experience from start to finish. We then put our little twist on in and give the customer the best value in the game. 

Here are three guesses even though I obviously know what it is and you will be taking it in a very short period of time! 

Pre Workout Liquid or Pump Liquid 

So FUEL has been an incredible success. It is the top-selling pre-workout on the site and is becoming famous across the country. What better idea would it be to make FUEL even better? Or make it come in a different more convenient form? Well, this could be the case. 
On the whey to the gym and need a quick pre-workout hit...take a FUEL Shot. BOOM - time to go make millions. 
Okay, maybe not because how the heck do you make that possible. Or is it?
What about a liquid pump product to compliment FUEL?
Already taking FUEL, try this liquid shot for fast pumps and better workouts...imagine that! 

Liquid Carnitine 

When you do a deep dive on Campus Protein or any other inferior supplement sites out there, one ingredient that is usually liquid is Carnitine. It is commonly used because it may be one of the best ingredients out there. It helps convert stored fat for energy while protecting the body from breaking down muscle. That win-win scenario. Plus the flavors can be fun and CP is the best when it comes to flavoring products. If they made this then it would obviously be the best and taste even better (pretty sure that doesn't make sense but you get it). 

Will Liquid Carnitine Shots be the next Campus Protein product? 

Energy Drinks (prolly not carbonated) or Energy Shots

Today all the rage is ENERGY...Energy, Energy, Energy! From BANG to Celsius, to every other energy drink under the sun, college kids love (and I mean LOVE) Energy Drinks. We don’t blame them; they are convenient, taste great and are 0 calories.

So does this mean CP is working on a Energy Drink to take some of those sales? Do we think we can do it better? Maybe! Will this be something different like a BANG Shot? Think about it; take a shot of energy before class, a night out, or the gym. Pretty genius. 

So what will this product be? COMMENT below what you think

P.S. I am pretty sure I just convinced myself that we should make all the product above while writing this article. 

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