What are the New BANG Shots?

I feel like every other conversation on these blogs is about BANG. I think everyone gets how amazing of a product it is. Its not my fault that VPx is constantly coming out with hit after hit! Last week we spoke about the brand new BANG Keto Coffee Drinks coming out in January. Then with the title of the article, you can see that BANG now comes in Shot form (cue the shots gif):

VPX BANG Energy Shots


So what is this BANG Shot? Have you ever seen the movie "Honey, I shrunk the kids?" Well thats the sum of what this product is. You take that big 16 oz. carbonated BANG Energy and shrink it into the first ever 3 oz. carbonated energy drink shot. The exact same formula, keeps the carbonation, and obviously tastes amazing. Through common sense and not personally trying this product (cannot wait though), I would strongly assume that the 3 oz. shot will hit a ton harder than sipping on a BANG before you go lift. 

BANG Energy Shots will come in 24 packs and in three flavors (Rainbow Unicorn, Purple Haze, and Peach Mango) so look out in the next week or so for Campus Protein to be launching them and with CP you get them faster because they are coming from one of our 8 warehouses in the country! Who has time for waiting, am I right?

Check out the product here


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