Pre Workout for Fat Loss

Let’s go back 5 years ago, heck it wasn't even that long but we lived in a time where there were only pre workouts for increasing strength AND THAT'S IT!

I know, the travesty. A few years ago, everything changed when Cellucor saw a hole in the market. What about people that wanted to lose weight? Isn’t that what a fat burner is for? Well, yes and no. Fat burners are not pre workouts as they do not improve your workouts. Cellucor said, let’s take out the creatine and add ingredients to burn fat and burn more calories. BRILLIANT, I know... and the market fell in love, then the biggest form of flattery pursued, copycats.

We here at CP think that is a great thing being that competition makes a more successful environment for the consumer (better products). So let's check out all these fat burning pre workouts we currently offer.

C4 Ripped

Cellucor C4 Ripped is the OG, the original fat burning pre workout and in all honesty, my favorite. When you take ripped you get the best workouts. You sweat your a$$ off and walk out of the gym feeling like you did something. It has an insane endurance factor and never wears off. I even did cardio, yes I know, the most dreaded form of exercise.

If you are an athlete or C4 Ripped is too strong for you, try Cellucor C4 Ripped Sport, their NCAA or Athlete Approved version of C4 Ripped.

Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre Workout for Fat LossCellucor C4 Ripped Sport Pre Workout

Betancourt B-Nox Ripped

Betancourt B-Nox Ripped is a very new pre-workout which should mean it has the newest most proven ingredients. Remember, competition is great for the customer (thanks economics teacher). Betancourt uses a Ripped Juice Blend® along with a pre-workout formula to deliver that balance of improving lifts and burning those LB’s.

Betancourt B Nox Ripped Pre Workout

Nitraflex Burn

When looking at brands, you know what they are good at. For example, GAT is a pre-workout brand. When they come out with a new pre-workout formula, it's in your best interest to try it. They do tend to be a little more hardcore than the competition but is that really a bad thing? Where some might lack on the pre-workout side, Nitraflex Burn shines. I love this product for leaning or toning down while maintaining very strong lifts.

GAT Sport Nitraflex Burn Pre Workout

Fat Burning Powder

There are other options if all you want is something to give you energy and burn the most fat with no lifting ingredients. This is where fat burning powders come in. Fat burners are usually pills which take too long to kick in and are a pain to take. Products like Scorch Powder or Redcon1 Double Tap Powder and Sparta Nutrition HydraShred are all phenomenal formulas to take pre-workout and crank some cardio. Also if you workout in the morning, this will jumpstart your metabolism for the most calories burned all day.

Sparta Nutrition Hydra ShredMAN Sports Scorch PowderRedcon1 Double Tap Powder


Fuel with Added Carnitine

What if you love your pre-workout and do not want to switch - we feel ya. I mean there is no FUEL ripped or burn out there….yet. Coming to CP in the next 1-10 years.

Sorry, I digress, but we have a solution for you. All you need to do is use your existing pre-workout and add a carnitine shot to your mix.

What is Carnitine? This magical liquid shot will help maintain muscle (prevent breakdown) and teach your body to burn stubborn fat for energy throughout the day leading to weight loss.

Numerous companies make Carnitine shots but VMi is the king of both taste and formula. If you want to crank up the heat and make your pre-workout a beast in the fat burning department, use VMI Carnitine Heat (comes in powder too). This will have carnitine plus other ingredients to ramp up your bodies metabolism during workouts or throughout the day. This scenario allows your pre-workout to be a fat burner but you can also take another Carnitine shot throughout the day making it the most effective option.

Campus Protein FUEL Pre WorkoutVMi Sports L Carnitine HEAT Powder

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