Honest Product Review: HydraShred by Sparta

What Is It: This is by far the coolest product in the set because of how unique it is! We currently have 3 powdered fat burners on the site: Scorch Powder by MAN, HD Powder by Cellucor, and the stimulant free Lean5 by Rule1.

Sparta Hydra Shred is a stimulant based clinical dosed fat burning powder and I love it!

HydraShred is a 60 scoop fat burning delicious powder to speed up your metabolism and help you tone down to lose weight.

Why This Stuff is Great:  HydraShed is great because there is nothing quite like it and even more because it’s effective. The formula is top notch (as all Sparta’s are) and the flavors are pretty unique.

Bro Science: Take this customizable fat burner that tastes good, helps you drink more water and ACTUALLY works.

Sparta Hydra Shred Review

Real Science: With 1g per serving of my favorite fat burning ingredient Carnitine, you had me...then they added 15 more ingredients proven to aid in fat loss! No other fat burner on our site can brag about that. Sparta Nutrition uses: Garcinia, Green Tea, Grains of Paradise, Green Coffee Bean, Guarana Seed, and more amazing ingredients to speed up your metabolism.

The Good: You think I am about to say the formula or the fat burn, but you are wrong because the biggest shocker to me with this product is the focus. I have never been so in the zone when I take this product. Right now I am using the Kraken Pump and HydraShred as my stack for Pre Workout. Getting those sexy gains shredding down but pumping the muscles up.

The Bad: This formula contains some grainy ingredients that make the flavoring not as good as their other products. I like to water the HydraShred down which is better for weight loss and minimizes the grainy taste.

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The Rating: 8.7/10
The Formula:
Sparta Nutrition Hydra Shred Fat Burner

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