Honest Product Review: Kraken Pre Workout by Sparta


What Is It: This is Campus Proteins newest and best clinically dosed pre-workout. Sparta Nutrition is hardcore in the fact that they do their homework on their formulas. There are not many out there that can compete with Sparta in terms of formulas. Expect solid stimulation, great pumps, tunnel vision focus, and strength after taking Kraken Pre Workout.

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pre Workout

The Black Series is a more stimulant heavy pre-workout compared to a full clinical dosed pre-workout like the regular Kraken.

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Black Pre Workout

Why This Stuff is Great:  On top of the incredible formulas, Sparta Nutrition just gets it in the flavor department -> Starting from Rainbow Candy, Sour Gummy Bear, Watermelon candy, Bombsicle, and Cotton Candy to Cola Pop and Sex on the Beach.

I have no idea what Sex on the Beach tastes like but I want to!

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pre Workout

Then like I said earlier, this formula is top notch so expect your best workout. Kraken Pre Workout has 40 Scoops per bottle making it the ultimate customizable pre-workout.

Bro Science: This is the best pre-workout on the site so pick your awesome flavor and enjoy

Real Science: Kraken Pre Workout is loaded with ingredients to deliver pump (HydroMax, Vaso-6, Citrulline), Endurance (Beta-Alanine), and Focus/Energy (Theobromine, Teacrine, Caffeine).

The Good: Pretty much everything about this product. Love how there is 40 scoops and you can decide how much intensity you want.

The Bad: Hmmmm, let me think. I got it - it’s not Fuel (all bias).

The Rating: 9.1/10

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The Formula:
Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pre Workout


  • Mike

    It’s been 2 weeks on black series Kraken pre work and no lie….this stuff is really good. A lot of times pre work makes me feel foggy or scrambled. This stuff had a nice clear focus….enough stim to really engage with the weights but not too much where I was uncomfortable. There is no better flavor than bombsicle. And after my workout….the come down time is short and painless. This really is a superior product. Their formula is top notch and I hope with their success…..they keep everything the same. It seems when these companies start enjoying success…..they change formulas and packaging…..and in turn the quality diminishes and I’m forced to try a different brand. For now…..Kraken is my go to company and I am happy to write this review and share my experience.

  • Lori Charanza

    A friend of mine got me started on Spark a few months ago, is there a difference in these products? Also before buying Spark I received a few sample packets…I’ve bought from them ever since…any way to get a couple samples before I decide on changing products?

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