Honest Product Review: Purus Myofeed

What Is It: Protein - great tasting protein with a solid formula and a great price. It is a concentrate, isolate based protein powder for post workout recovery or a great base to mix a smoothie...which we will get into in the next segment. 

Why This Stuff is Great: The secret about Purus Labs is that they are one of the largest manufacturers of supplements in the industry. They make some of your favorite branded products and you would never know. NOW - how does this make this product great. 

They have the buying power to make an incredible product but not affect the overall cost to the customer. For example, Purus Labs puts branded PB2 Peanut Butter as their flavoring in the products making it more superior than any other PB flavored protein. 

Purus Labs Myofeed Protein

 Then on top of these amazing flavors, they have amazing regular flavors, for example, Maple Pancake that is delicious and you do not get sick of. Even their vanilla wafer has mini wafers in the shake. So we get it, good quality, and tastes great. 

Real Science: Purus Labs uses a three-tier blend of Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Casein. This will feed your muscles post workout and 8 hours following so you do not waste any gains. On top of the high-quality protein, Purus Labs adds a patented Vitafiber and Aminogen® digestive enzymes to increase absorption

Bro Science: When you buy Purus Labs MyoFeed you get a phenomenal tasting protein at an incredible price due to the fact that they have their own manufacturing facility. 

Lets Break This Down:

The Good: The value

The Bad: Its great tasting protein so no real downside. Maybe trying a new brand and not loving it.

The Rating............8.6/10

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Purus Labs MyoFeed Protein

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