Purus Labs StimPact: What Is It?

Campus Protein has been selling Purus Labs for quite some time. Why? Because they make some solid products. The reason? Because they make it themselves. Purus Labs actually owns a massive manufacturing facility down south and they have access to only the best ingredients. 

Back in the day, Purus Labs had the OG Muscle Marinade that our reps coined the term, "Gym Molly." Then they kept coming out with banger after banger (products). You got yourself the amazing Condense Pre Workout, Everday Amino that tastes incredible, the legendary PUMP product Noxygen, and so many more! This brand new product is Purus Labs' StimPact focus and energy supplement. 

Purus Labs Stimpact

So as stated right above, like the line right above this one we find out WHAT IT IS, but now let's break down how it works. Purus loads this ish up with 425mg of caffeine. Before you freak out and close this page, it's not all at once...relax! The way they do this is by using a patented time-released caffeine that does not hit the body right away. This combined with the instant caffeine we are all used to makes for 6 hours of sustained energy.  That's JUST the energy aspect of the formula! Purus used a combination of two phenomenal ingredients called Teacrine and Dynamine to make a focus tunnel vision explosion. I tried this combo a few months back for Fuel and boy did this stuff turn the focus on! 

Who is pumped to try this product? I know my productivity is excited - I plan on replacing my cup of coffee and trying this bad boy. You can also use this for a pre-workout, gaming, and partying...why not all. 

Purus Labs StimPact Pre Workout

Look out for my product review in the coming weeks! 

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