Honest Product Review: Optimum Protein Wafers

What Is It:  Protein snacks are getting creative these days and Optimum is leading the whey. First off, they came out with freaking cake bites...and they were really good. Now, they have come out with a protein-packed wafer.

Why This Stuff is Great: The Optimum Protein Wafer is the perfect healthy low-calorie snack that packs enough muscle building protein. Also, it is great because its not your typical protein bar.


Bro Science: You know those unhealthy wafers. This is the same this but NOT unhealthy and has protein.

Real Science: Each one of these Wafers has 15g of muscle building protein so take these on the go or post/pre workout for FUEL.

The Good: Great healthy snack that is different and unique.

The Bad: Only 9 come to a pack and they are not as healthy as a Quest Bar but c’mon its only a difference of fewer than 100 calories.

The Rating: 7.9/10
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