Honest Product Review: Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy plus Collagen

What Is It: Energized Aminos was not a thing 10 years ago and about 5 years ago, Optimum Nutrition changed the industry by pairing them together. Now, almost everyone uses Amino Energy. By in large, women take Amino Energy and this new product is made for them with the addition of Collagen to improve Hair Skin and Nails.  

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy plus Collagen

Why This Stuff is Great: This is the same great Amino Energy product we all love but with the addition of Collagen helping you save money and time. 

Bro Science: Caffeinated Aminos with Collagen to make you look hot. 

Real Science: Aminos are great because they give your muscles tools to repair and work properly. People sip aminos all day and when you add caffeine, you are able to replace your morning coffee for a healthy alternative. Now, on top of that, you are able to get your daily collagen all in 1. 

The Good: ON Amino Energy plus Collagen covers you on all fronts when you pair the formula with someone who works out daily.  

The Bad: For those of you that buy the regular Amino Energy version, this is $10 more but if you take collagen it is worth it. 

The Rating: 8.6/10

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