What are the Best Supplements for Hair Loss

Times are tough for us aging men...our skin is cracking, wrinkles are settling in and we are losing our shit...hair I mean. They say that hair loss is genetic but you can slow it down. They also say that you take after your mother's father. Who the heck are THEY and how do I SAVE MY HAIR!?

Well first off, calm down because stress will definitely make your hair fall out. We are not HIMS or Rogaine but we can provide solid supplements for better overall hair and hair growth. We actually recommend them on top of the supplements we will provide.

Here are the top 3 supplements to prevent hair loss:


What Is Collagen?

  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body because it's the protein that gives structure to your bones, HAIR, skin, and nails. It is not a protein for building muscle which it commonly gets mistaken for.


How Does Collagen Affect Hair?

  • Collagen provides the Amino Acid that can be used to build Keratin or the protein that makes up your hair. The richer your body is in collagen, the more luscious your hair is.

Top Collagen:

Sports Research Collagen Peptides


What is Biotin?

  • Biotin is a B-Vitamin found in small amounts across foods such as eggs, milk, and bananas. Biotin is used commonly for replenishing think and luscious hair, thick nails, along with other conditions.

How does it Affect Hair?

  • This water-soluble B vitamin (B7) helps convert nutrients in your body to energy and cells that build strong hair, nails, and the cells found in your skin. Biotin converts nutrients from your diet into cells used to make your hair stronger.

Top Biotin Product:

Sports Research Biotin Supplement for Hair Skin and Nails


How does a Multivitamin Affect Hair?

When one is low on nutrients, their body has a tough time producing enough healthy cells to maintain good quality hair follicles. This is why you see some diets, or nutritional restrictions cause thin hair. Doctors suggest taking a multivitamin supplement to aid in replenishing micronutrients which will result in better hair.

Top Multivitamin for HIM:

Optimum Nutrition Opti Men Multivitamin

Top Multivitamin for HER:

Optimum Nutrition Opti Women Multivitamin


These items are definitely important when trying to look your best. Supplements can help you look better naked but these supplements are for that plus when you are living your day to day trying to impress your crush at work or the bar. Seriously, hair loss and hair care are preventative so take care of it now so you do not lose it later.

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