C4 Ultimate Carbonated On the Go...Coming Soon

It feels like every week there is a new Energy Drink that hits the market. More caffeine, more BCAAs, better tasting...blah blah blah.

We already know the GOAT is VPx BANG Energy and the sales prove it, but what is this brand new Cellucor C4 Ultimate Carbonated that is releasing May 25th? 

First off, we need to go back to last months release of Cellucor C4 Original Carbonated. This was Cellucor's first ever Energy Drink and they ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT. The flavor was unreal and the formula was actually pretty unique. Cellucor used less caffeine but more workout enhancing ingredients to round out the formula. C4 Original Carbonated is more for that everyday person when this upcoming C4 Ultimate will be their more "hardcore" formula. 

I know you want to hear all about the C4 Ultimate Carbonated formula but I think you should also know the "ultimate" origin/history as well. Then we will get to it, I promise. 

So around 2 years ago, Cellucor saw the demand skyrocket for more aggressive clinically based formulas in the market and then came out with Cellucor C4 Ultimate (powder). For those of you who have experienced this product, you know that this pre-workout is the real deal.

C4 Ultimate packs a 20+ gram scoop and makes every workout unreal...and as always because it is Cellucor, it tasted great. 

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Pre Workout

Now, on to the RTD's that you have been waiting for...sorry about that. Actually, before we get to that, let's not forget that Cellucor came out with C4 Ultimate On the Go bottles last year. 

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Carbonated on the Go

Finally, the C4 ULTIMATE CARBONATED Energy Drink this entire article is all about:

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Carbonated

What Is It: This is the most intense Energy Drink to hit the market. Think Bang Energy but with a lot more workout enhancing ingredients. You should take this before you do any physical activity and expect to be lights out! To put it simply, C4 Ultimate Carbonated can outperform 90% of the Pre Workouts on the market. 

The Formula:

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Carbonated Energy Drink Formula

The Flavors: 

- Sparkling Arctic Snow Cone

- Sparkling Tropical Rush


C4 Ultimate Carbonated releases May 25th


The Can:

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Carbonated Energy Drink


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