Honest Product Review: BANG Energy Wyldin' Watermelon

What Is It: "New Can, Who Dis?" It looks like the next chapter of BANG cans and flavors are officially out and the first flavor is Wyldin' Watermelon. You can see the new can design here: 

BANG Energy Wyldn Watermelon new flavor

Why This Stuff Is Great: BANG Energy is the #1 Energy Drink in the game. It is #1 because it tastes incredible, it is 0 calories, 0g of sugar, and has the best IG in the game! 

Bro Science: Don't over think it Nick Cannon and just enjoy this new flavor of BANG Energy Drink.

wildin watermelon new bang energy drink flavor

Real Science: BANG has the best flavors but uses 0 sugar. This 0 calorie drink has added BCAAs for recovery CoQ10 for heart health and allows you to be your best self. 

The Good: A new flavor means we all get to add another BANG into our rotation without getting sick of it. Also this flavor sounds incredible compared to some of the recent ones. 

The Bad: You will have to wait to get this one as it is already sold out and sells super quick. Make sure you sign up to receive emails once we restock again.

The Rating: 9.2/10 

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