Biggest Trend: Weight Loss Supplements

This industry is all about copycats - one brand has a great idea then everyone and their mother copy that idea and claim there's is better. Whether it is a full clinical pre-workout, energy drinks, or something in between, Campus Protein is here to be unique and explain the difference between the products.

This article is about the Weight Loss Powder trend that is starting all of a sudden. A few years ago, Rule1 Proteins came out with R1 Lean5 which was a stimulant free fat burner. It instantly became a bestseller since anyone and everyone can sip Lean5 all day and slim down. Lean5 also amplified any other fat loss products you were taking making it a staple supplement.

Rule1 R1 Lean5

Then a year later, MAN Sports came out with Scorch Powder. The concept here was using that same fat burner you found in a pill but make it flavored and allow you to customize how strong you want it. The biggest problem with fat burners is that they usually come in capsules loaded with caffeine. Some people cannot handle all that caffeine at once. Powdered fat burners allow you to take that caffeine at your own pace. No wonder why people fell in love with this (and paired it with Lean5).

man sports scorch powder

Now here come the imposters. When I say imposters, I do not mean that in a negative whey. As my economics professor told me, “competition creates an opportunity for the consumer.” What he means is that the more people trying to make “the best fat burning powder,” the more benefits the customer gets.

Cellucor came out with their Fat Burning SuperHD Powder that offered more ingredients and a little more intensity than Scorch Powder. A solid product with more and so the customer can lose...weight.

Cellucor SuperHD Powder

Then recently (2018), the bar got higher with Sparta Nutrition HydraShred. Man does that formula look good! 60 scoops of pure weight loss powder starting with Carnitine, Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean, and 12 other active ingredients. See, you are benefiting even more and more as you read this article. Competition is the best!

Sparta Nutrition HydraShred

So HydraShred seems like the best burner but what about the makers of the original? Rule1 never had a stimulant based fat burning powder...UNTIL NOW! They get the last spot in this article because of 2 reasons: 1. They created the category 2. They just released their Cut10.

If Lean5 had 5 active ingredients, I wonder how many Cut10 has 10 duhhh. The biggest difference from Cut10 to the competition is how the formula is made to scientifically make you lose weight without the intensity. Rule1 doesn't want you to burn your face off, they just want you to sip, feel good, and look even better (results take more than a day). After trying all of the products above, I think it is easy to say the winner in both taste and formula is Rule1. I personally like to add this product to my gallon jug (dilutes the taste). I strongly recommend trying this and pairing it with Lean5. Yea that's 15 ingredients to help you lose those lbs.

rule1 r1 cut10
Rule1 R1 Cut 10

Cut10 Launches on CP October 12th but if you cannot wait, order it HERE:

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