Honest Product Review: MAN Sports ISO EAA

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What Is It:  Recently you probably have noticed that all the brands we sell are coming out with an Essential Amino Acid Product. Actually, you probably haven't but it's happening, I promise. The reason why is that about a year ago there was a study showing that a full spectrum Essential Amino Acid Product is more effective during your workout than just BCAAs. “

OMG, that means we NEED to come out with an EAA product...duhhh” - said every company ever.


Essential Amino Acids are Amino Acids that your body cannot produce on it’s own so it needs to get them from your diet. They are key nutrients for protein digestion and muscle recovery. When you take them in supplement form, you will speed up protein synthesis (protein digested) to repair muscle and prevent muscle breakdown.

Why This Stuff is Great: By sheer quantity, MAN Sports ISO EAA beats the rest. It packs 16g of active ingredients compared to some brands using just 5g. Then when you look into the formula, you can clearly see how this product is amazing to take during your workout. It has close to 8g of EAAs, 2g of Taurine, and a Hydration Complex that is phenomenal.

Hydration + Muscle Recovery + Muscle Building + Fat Loss


Bro Science: This is Gatorade on steroids -> 0 Calorie hydration product that will replenish your muscles with the proper nutrients to rebuild faster.

Real Science: By packing a full spectrum EAA profile along with a comprehensive Hydration formula, you get a superior product for muscle repair and protection.

The Good: That formula….wow that's a lot of ingredients to help you get stronger and recover faster.

The Bad: The Hydration complex is extremely difficult to flavor so in my experience, it's a little salty on the front end (sodium is an electrolyte) but that's about it. I choose to water it down which gives you even more hydration.

The Rating: 8.2/10
The Formula:
MAN Sports Iso Essential Amino Acids

1 comment

  • Kim Mather

    I’ve been taking ISO-EAA for five days now and I definitely feel a lot more energetic and my thinking also seems to be better.

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