Diet Trends

Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet also known as the "caveman" diet, is based on eating whole nutrient dense foods such as meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits. It is seen to improve health by providing a balanced nutrition while avoiding processed and refined foods. The diet avoids grains, legumes, refined sugars and dairy. Practitioners of this plan look to get most there energy from animal products that are high in protein and low in carbs. 

What's Allowed:

  • All the Meat you want:
    Any beef (ground beef, steak), pork (chops, ham), lamb, duck, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, seafood (clams, scallops, etc). Fresh or frozen.
  • Plenty of Veggies:
    Any fresh or frozen veggies (except potato, corn, and beans)
  • Supplement with Nuts/Seeds:
    Any nuts/seeds (except peanuts), raw/ lightly roasted and unsalted; or any nut butters
  • Add some other Healthy Fats:
    Avocados, olive/almond/coconut oil, or flaxseed/grape seed oil
  • Some Fruit:
    Any whole fresh fruit (no juice), but in moderation (1-2 servings)

What to Avoid:

  • No Sugar or Artificial Sugar 
    (Equal, Splenda, Stevia, agave nectar, pure cane, corn syrup, fructose, molasses, honey, maltodextrin, etc)
  • No Junk Food
    (cakes, desserts, cookies, candy, chocolate, pastries, chips, crackers,ice cream, snack foods, etc)
  • No Grains
    (wheat products, corn products, rice, pasta, bread, oatmeal, cereals, etc)
  • No Legumes/Beans
    (peanuts, lima beans, kidney beans, black beans etc)
  • No Dairy
    (milk,cream, butter, yogurt, cheese, etc)
  • No Alcohol 
    (Includes wine, beer and hard liquor)

Ketogenic Diet

The "Keto" diet is a low-carb diet that forces the body to enter a state of ketosis. Ketosis happens when people eat little to no carbs, causing molecules known as ketones to build up in the bloodstream. Low carbs cause blood sugar levels to drop and the body to break down fat to use as energy. The diet consists of low carb and high fat foods , helping your body burn fat and ketones. 

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean sources of protein. It was adapted from countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, and is seen to be one of the healthiest diets in the world. The foods are directed from nature; mostly plants and emphasizes on in taking healthful oils. Research shows that the diet can reduce developing conditions of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

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