Transformation Tuesday

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See how these CP Reps made amazing transformations...

Erica Knight (@ericaleeann_)

Saint Leo University

1 year transformation

Supplements used:

  • Isatori Bio-Gro
  • Universal Real Gains
  • Cellucor Alpha Aminos

Best Advice: A fitness journey is just that, a journey. There will be highs and lows. Sometimes you'll fall off track but don't get discouraged. Keep pushing yourself because tomorrow is a new day. We've all hit bottom a few times in our lives. Pick yourself up! You can do anything you want and can mold your body into your own masterpiece. Hard work, dedication, and passion will take you a long way!

Andrew Holmes  (@cpandrewholmes)                    

Iowa State University

2.5 year transformation

Supplements used:

Best Advice: Set a few goals that scare you and then conquer your fears.

Russell Young (@russellyoung33)

University of North Alabama

1 year transformation

Supplements Used:

Best AdviceI'd say consistency is key. I live by the Cory Gregory quote "I don't add anything special to what I do, I JUST DONT F**KING MISS" and also I'd say that if you enter the gym with a purpose, everything else will fall into place.

Moriah Trunkey

Eastern Washington University

2 year transformation

Supplements Used:

Best AdviceDon't be afraid of lifting heavy or food!

Meghan Canty (@meghancanty)

Virginia Commonwealth University

4 year transformation


Supplements used:

Best AdviceRunning. I swear it sucks but it's the only thing that got me slim enough to actually see the shape of my body so I could start toning!

Brandon Camp  (@camp_brandon)

McNeese State University

2 year transformation- 220lbs to 170lbs

Supplements used:

Best Advice: Stick with the hard work, eventually the progress will show and the gains will become more easy. Even on the days you don't feel it, that's when you make the most progress. Don't be afraid to ask question and try new things. It's all about tricking the mind and the body to get what you want in the gym. And definitely most of the change comes from the kitchen, have a strict eating plan and stick with it because it will help you the most!

Gabrella Capogreco (@gabriellacapp)

The Ohio State University

4 year transformation- 118lbs to 148lbs

Supplements Used:

Best Advice1.Do all the squats 2. Eat all the food because it isnt the enemy and 3. Work hard and enjoy training! working out shouldnt be a "chore", it should be something that you genuinely enjoy. Put forth the effort and you will see results in time! oh, and dont be so hard on yourself.

Nick Snow (@classicsnowfit)

85 Day transformation

Supplements used:

Best Advice: Focus on what you want most, not what you want right now. The temptation to slip off your diet or skip out on cardio is strong, but don't let a cookie or a 20 minute cardio session be the reason you don't achieve what you want

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  • Andrew

    Awesome transformations both in the gaining and cutting fields, keep up the great work guys!

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