What is a PUMP Supplement?

There are so many different types of workouts and each one comes with a certain “high.” We have all heard of “runners high” that comes from the endorphins after running long distances. There is another type of “high” when it comes to weight training. This is called the PUMP

Campus Protein PUMP Pre Workout Supplement

The PUMP comes from the blood flow “pumping” more nutrients to the targeted areas. That is why your arms or glutes look bigger and better on those days. We all live for the PUMP. 

What does the PUMP do other than making us look damn sexy?

When you are training, your body is trying to send as much blood to the working areas. It knows it needs it and it is beginning the process of rebuilding those muscle tears from work. This is the body sending nutrients to those muscles. Those nutrients are for both during the workout and post-workout. 

Does the PUMP improve your workout?

Yes, these nutrients are here to aid the muscle in recovering faster immediately and long term post-workout. You will be able to lift more, recover during sets and get back to the gym working those same muscles faster. 

What else does the PUMP do? 

Other than making yourself look good, increase performance and speed up recovery, the PUMP can do some other things too. If you look at the article HERE you can see the other attributes which is now the point of the article...A PUMP PRODUCT

Campus Protein Stimulant Free PUMP Pre Workout

A PUMP supplement is designed to increase this “pump effect” and amplify it. Like how pre-workout is to coffee, you will experience this feeling more intensely which will lead to better workouts. 

People take PUMP supplements to amplify their pre-workout. When you dump a scoop of PUMP in any pre-workout, you will take that pre-workout to the next level formula wise leading to much better workouts...and results.

Also, PUMP pre workout's are usually stimulant free so they are perfect for nighttime workouts. You will get incredible lifts and then be able to pass out and not miss a minute of sleep. 

A PUMP supplement is a pre workout that will increase blood flow, improve workouts and speed up recovery. 

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