5 Reasons to Try a Pump Product

        By now, if you’re like me then you are hooked on “The Pump.” It’s the reason why we glance in the mirror, take a hundred pics, humble-brag, and essentially go to the gym. For real though, the “The Pump” is one of the most important parts of muscle building. By now, you either stopped reading or switched to Google to search what “The Pump” is. Well I got you, it is the blood flow to the muscle groups you are working out at the gym. When these muscles fill up with all that blood, I participate in everything mentioned above. If you’re curious at all about products to increase “The Pump,” keep reading! Below are 5 Reasons why the pump is needed. So enjoy, because by the end of this you’ll have a PHD in PUMP.

Top Pump Supplements to take


        Reason #1: Endurance

A huge pump is essential to keep your muscles going! The true science term for pump is called “hyperemia,” which is just the process of delivering oxygen rich blood to the muscles you are currently working. Let's work it out right here: Muscles need oxygen to function, blood delivers oxygen to the muscles, muscles lift weights and set them back down, it’s essential. With a bigger pump you can lift longer and stronger!

        Reason #2: Nutrient Delivery

Since size is the prize, I’m sure you are looking for supplements that will increase that. How does “The Pump” do that? Well, we got that answer right here. The oxygen rich blood flowing to the muscles are also delivering muscle building nutrients. The more nutrients the muscles get, the more they can recovery and build. Just like that, you’re jacked.

        Reason #3: Reducing the BURN

I’m sure you all have given up on a few extra reps because the burn is just too much to handle. Lactic acid can be a huge killer of gains causing you hit less reps, leave the gym early, and increase soreness the day after. Thankfully, “The Pump” is also the cure. By increasing blood flow and nutrient delivery, a good pump can actually detoxify the working muscles quickly. It helps remove lactic acid during a lift, and can even clear soreness out the next day. This is why your body typically feels better by getting back into the gym sooner than later.

        Reason #4: Muscle Expansion

When “The Pump” is in its prime I bet you wish you could stay that jacked all the time, am I right? Well, good news because this massive pump is actually expanding the muscle fascial tissue – in other words stretching the muscle to expand further for more gainz! Pump it up, fill it out!

Top Nitric Oxide Pump Products

        Reason #5: Looking pretty damn good

There are few better feelings than a big pump in your favorite muscle group, so go ahead and enjoy it. Take your pics, walk your pump down the beach, through the park, down the hall. This last reason is VERY self-explanatory. Go catch some looks!

#1 Cellucor No3 Chrome Powder
Cellucor NO3 Chrome Powder for Pump
#2 Purus Labs Noxygen
Purus Labs Noxygen Pump Product
#3 Rule 1 Pump+
RuleOne Proteins R1 Pump
#4 ProSupps No3Drive Powder
Pro Supps NO3 Drive Powder
#5 PES High Volume
PES High Volume

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