What Do the BANG Energy Flavors Taste Like


BANG is the best selling Energy Drink on Campus Protein and we have noticed that people want to try the new flavors but have no clue what they taste like.

What Do the BANG Energy Flavors Taste Like

So we want to break down what the flavors taste like to help you: 

The Flavors

Birthday Cake Bash - This may be one of the weirdest flavors in the Energy Drink game but it is very good. It tastes like the funfetti frosting on the top of the cake. Not too sweet but one of the more sweet flavor options. 

Frosè Rosè - This is straight NERDS. Watermelon Grape and it is delicious.

Bangster Berry - This is their mixed berry flavor and extremely refreshing

Rainbow Unicorn - Another unique name with it being very close to rainbow candies aka skittles. If you are a skittles fan, then you will be a fan of Rainbow Unicorn

Cherry Blast Lemonade - Cherry Lemonade and nothing different

Blue Razz - Basic sour blue razz that people love.

Purple Haze - This is BANGs grape flavor 

Peach Mango - One of the most refreshing flavors due to it being fruit-based.

Sour Heads - Think sour gummy bears

Black Cherry Vanilla - The closest thing to Cherry Coke I have had minus the cola flavor. Cherry vanilla is unique and always a blast to have as a soda replacement.

Star Blast - This is similar to Starburst red 

Lemon Drop - Think Lemon Drop Candy

Champagne - Maybe the most unique flavor of BANG in the mix. To me, it tastes like White Grape Welch’s without any alcohol flavors

Piña Colada - This is the mix you pour into the blender that has no alcohol flavor. So the best part of the drink and the reason why it is a best seller

Power Punch - This is their Fruit Punch 

Purple Guava Pear - Another incredible refreshing combo in their fruit offerings. I have never had Guava but I think I would love it due to this incredible flavor.

Cotton Candy - Pink Cotton Candy not Blue

Citrus Twist - Lemon Lime flavor

Root Beer - Root Beer (duhhh)

What do the BANG Flavors Taste Like

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  • Destiny

    Rainbow Unicorn kinda taste like a strawberry kiwi Capri Sun

  • Jessica Hoover

    I’d say that the Star Blast tastes and smells more like a strawberry ring pop than a starburst.

  • Anthony Frandsen

    After drinking Radical Skadattle, i have to say Rainbow Unicorn tastes nothing like Skittles compared to Radical Skadattle. I think the person who said Pop Rocks has the flavor more right on the money!

  • Kevin

    take a butterfingers candy bar bite a piece and chase it with the gangster berry. Identical to pb&j

  • Eliza

    Rainbow Unicorn tastes like candy. Yummy candy!!
    Purple Haze tastes like bad grape candy.
    Pina Colada tastes just like the drink. So good.

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