The Different Types of BANG Energy Drink

Original Bang Energy 

This is the drink that changed the market forever. If you are not BANGing, then you are not HANGing which means that once they hit the market, everyone tried to copy them. There is only one BANG and thanks to the creator, Jack Owoc we are all the biggest fans of Energy Drinks. 

BANG packs 300mg of caffeine per serving, BCAAs for recovery, CoQ10 for heart health and BANGs patented Super Creatine. This all comes with 0 guilt because there is 0 sugar and more importantly, 0 calories in BANG. 

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Original BANG Energy Natural 

This is the same original formula of BANG  but flavored with natural ingredients. 

BANG Energy Drink Natural l Naturally Flavored

Original BANG Stimulant Free

The stimulant free or 0 caffeine version of BANG is for everyone that LOVES BANG but wants to enjoy it at the end of the day. 

BANG ENERGY DRINK Caffeine Free l 0 Caffeine l Stimulant Free

BANG Keto Coffee

This BANG edition is the coffee inspired BANG that packs 20g of protein along with 1,000mg of MCT Oils along with the other great ingredients found in BANG. Think of this as a coffee replacement packed with nutrients to optimize your day.

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BANG Master Blaster 

BANG is great due to its convenience for on the go. A lot of people actually use BANG as a pre workout but due to its on the go formula, it is missing some ingredients to really be a full pre workout. That is why Jack and the BANG team made BANG MASTER BLASTER, the full pre workout version of BANG. 

BANG Energy Pre Workout Supplement BANG Master Blaster Powder

BANG Sweet Tea

After the success of BANG Keto Coffee, BANG decided to do a tea inspired version of their formula. The tea edition of BANG is made with real tea. 

BANG Energy Drink Tea Edition

BANG Shots

This is the Original BANG Energy formula but in a small 1.5oz shot. You will still get 300mg of caffeine, super creatine, BCAAs, CoQ10 with 0 calories and 0 sugar.

BANG Energy Shots


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