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What Is it: This is a revolutionary product in our industry that changed the game for “amino” products.

Why It's Great: This product is a great all around product for someone looking to improve their energy and repair muscle throughout the day. Optimum Nutrition also thought that someone can use this for a multitude of reasons so they only added 50mg of caffeine per serving. You can dial it up or down depending on what use you wanted it for. Here are the variety of uses:

Morning Use: When you wake up, you are technically fasted and your body is depleted from its repair process. Have you heard someone say, “drink a full glass of water when you wake up?” This is because your body depleted its water supply and you are dehydrated. This is the same for the aminos your body produces. As more studies were constructed, they found that your body needs aminos (usually from food) and water to bring your body back to balance. That is why Amino Energy is so great. When you have a glass of amino energy instead of a cup of coffee, you get natural caffeine, 8-10oz of water, plus a plethora of amino acids to set you up for the day.

Mid Day Drink: This will be a nice pick me up that won't break the bank. It will also ramp up protein synthesis and help you absorb nutrients you ingested throughout the day for muscle building. It will also protect your muscles from breaking down because of course you don't want to lose your gains.

Pre Workout: Amino acids pre workout are great for so many reasons…blood flow, muscle protection, strength, and protein synthesis. Caffeine is also a key for pre workout to maximize your workout. Amino Energy allows you to customize the intensity of the pre per scoop so it truly is for everyone at all levels of experience.

Real Science: This product delivers 14 amino acids in its “Amino Blend” to stop muscle breakdown, speed up recovery, and increase muscular performance. Some notable Aminos in this formula are glutamine (muscle recovery), beta-alanine (performance), citrulline (pump and blood flow), and all three BCAAs (performance and protein synthesis). In the “Energy Blend” they use green tea extract to help jumpstart the metabolism along with Green Coffee Bean extract.

Amino Energy by Optimum

Bro Science: When you take this in the morning, it's like a cup of coffee for your muscles. Helps you get bigger, leaner, and more energized while tasting great.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

The Good: At $20 for 30 servings, it is a super cheap muscle repair supplement from the most trusted brand. They load you up with a wide array of Branch Chain Amino Acids - Essential Amino Acids and Nonessential Amino Acids that your body needs throughout the day.

The Bad: At only 30 servings, this product will be used up quickly if you use it as a pre workout. We suggest something like FUEL that will be 30 true scoops. Also, with it being a proprietary blend, you don’t know exactly what you are getting in regards to the amino dosages.

The Rating: 7.9/10


Optimum Amino Energy Reviews

Check out the Product HERE: Amino Energy

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  • Antonio Simpkins

    Love the product. Concerned about the Red 40. Been using the product over a yr so I am a true consumer.

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