Product Review: Purus Noxygen or THE OG Pump Product

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What is it: This is the OG pump product that started it all. Now a days, every company is coming out with pump products and they just don’t live up to the original Noxygen. Purus came out with this product before anyone else, and they never changed it. They did not have to.

Pump products are supplements you add to your existing pre workout to amplify the blood flow affect which will improve workouts. You will look bigger and it will aid in nutrient delivery.

Noxygen Pump Product by Purus

Why this stuff is great: After one scoop, you will see the difference. You will see veins you didn’t know you had. You will see your chest and arms bigger than ever. It will make your boring pre workout ALIVE again. It will make the greatest PRE Fuel…even better...yes that is possible.

Real Science: Purus Labs utilize's the vasodilatory and oxygenating benefits of NO3-T® sodium nitrate. These nitrates support your body’s ability to synthesize ATP (muscular energy) and create more blood flow to the muscle group you are working. Another industry-pioneering material Purus used is HydroMax®, a high molecular weight, water soluble glycerol inclusion. This increases the bodies ability to absorb water for hydration and pump. Researchers have seen up to a 24% increase in endurance and others have observed a 5% increase in power or work.


Bro Science: Nothing beats arm day because of the pump you get. You get all the blood rushing to the muscles and you look great. This product does that every time and makes it even better. Take this product on any day and you will get the sickest pumps...that last forever.

More blood flow = more nutrients to the muscle = faster repair = bigger muscles

The Good: At $19 for 40 servings, it wont break the bank. The product also works like a charm so you will really enjoy all 40 servings. It will also improve every pre workout on the market.

The Bad: It sucks that pre workouts don’t already just have it in the formula making you have to buy this every time but like we said in “the good,” its worth it.

The Rating: 9.1/10

Check out Purus Labs Noxygen by clicking HERE

1 comment

  • Oscar

    I bought it today. 7-3-2019. I took a spoon. Like it said i seen veins i never saw before. And one thing is for sure, i went from 420lbs to 560 lbs within minutes of my starting point. I always push myself to do more but heck this is from aliens.

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